An Hour at Wreck Room by Coach Chelsea

There’s a place in Glen Burnie called Wreck Room CrossFit. It’s pretty new. It’s been there for about a year, and it offers different programs to encourage people to work out. Locals have probably heard about it or may have a friend who goes there, but what is the place really like? Well, I guess it depends on how you perceive it for yourself. You can go to their website to watch a short video and read about what the gym has to offer. By the way, everything you will see is true!

Whether you’re working a full day or even have the day off, there’s always a need to work out. Relieve that work stress or get your butt up on your day off and do something! With only an hour-long class, how can you not? They have CrossFit, Lite Fit, Personal Training and CrossFit Teen programming; a little bit of something for everyone. Some days you will be too tired and sore, so you’ll take the day off. This is perfectly fine, but don’t take too many days off or we will find you! On other days, you’re so motivated that you can’t wait to get in there and crush the gym!

11-21-14 WOD

Every time you walk into Wreck Room, you are greeted by someone- even if it’s 6am and they can barely hold their eyes open. As soon as the clock strikes class time, be ready for instruction on the Work Out of the Day (WOD). We start with a warm up. Yes, you need to get moving before you have to move even more! Next is strength or some sort of skill work, where the gossiping helps us push through before the actual work out starts. Some days you are so sore that you decide to go light, or you finally PR that 20 rep back squat. Either way, you’re doing something, which is good! These strengths are also timed, so if you’re with a chatty partner/friend you better keep an eye on the clock.

12-24-14 WOD

When we finally get to the Work Out of the Day, expect the unexpected. Will I even finish this work out? It looks terrible! Yes, you will finish and probably be lying on the floor, but that’s okay. Keep in mind that everyone has their own limits. This is usually everyone’s favorite part. All gossip is finished, and it’s time to get down to business. This environment is unlike anything else. Everyone is working, sweating, grunting, and complaining as they get through this high intensity work out. As soon as it is over, you know you have won! You have won for yourself and no one else. You look next to you at your friend, who is also laid out, and say, “Good job, We made it!”  Also overheard is, “Dude you just crushed that” or “Girl you a beast!”.  Either way, it’s a compliment.

Anniversary Group Pic

At the end, we all foam roll, stretch out, and talk to one another about what sucked the most during the work out. Food is also a hot topic. The best part is talking about what we can’t wait to eat when we get home! After burning off several calories, you’re going to be hungry! Whatever your take on the experience at the end of the day, it feels good to know that we are one big family working to achieve our goals.

If you want to learn more let’s get started with a No Sweat Intro.

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