We love our community at Wreck Room CrossFit. There’s a lot that goes into making this place great! From the time class begins and beyond we want to keep up the integrity of our gym. We can all do our little part to make the best environment possible and make the gym a better place.


Here are a few things we can do to make Wreck Room visits and WODs more enjoyable:

Sign in– WODIFY allows you to sign in up to 45 minutes before class. If you are unsure that you can make it you can always reserve a spot. This helps coaches know how many people will be in a class, whether or not we need more help from other coaches, or need to modify equipment use.

Be on time– The classes are only an hour long. Being there on time allows for a proper warm up so you can safely perform. Being early is also a plus. Get to class, view the wod, and get some extra warm up stretches in.

Being Late- I know it happens but if you are too late sometimes there is no way to join the class. Being behind can interrupt the class and cause distraction. If it’s a few minutes be sure to hop right into the warm up.

Talking during class- Please keep this to a minimum especially when the coach is going over the strength and WOD. Be friendly to everyone, but make sure you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Some people have been around for a while and know the movements well and some have not. Please be courteous to them during instruction.

Setting up the WOD- Help each other out, get set up in a timely manner, and ask questions before the work out starts! Don’t be mid lift and not sure what happens next. Cooperate with the coaches and one another.

Cheer!– If you are done working out be sure to cheer on your fellow members.  A little extra encouragement will get a fellow athlete through their toughest WOD.

While WODing…

Dropping Equipment- This may be the most important gym etiquette to note. Please, please, please be aware of the people around you. If you have wooden plates on you cannot drop them at all. With a barbell and plates, do not drop the weights and walk away. It can roll anywhere and if it’s crowded enough it can roll right under the person working out nearby. We don’t want people getting hurt from something that can take a second to control.

Chalk- Use chalk as necessary. Be sure to use a small amount over the bucket. No need to clap up some chalk before you go out for a run.

Be patient- Our classes can get pretty big. Sometimes during a WOD we must share equipment or wait for something. Be patient and you will be working in no time. We are all here to accomplish something one way or another.

Post WOD:

Clean up time– Only after the last person is finished work out we put ALL of our equipment away. Unless the coach says it can be left out. Help one another put things away and keep things looking nice and organized.

Wipe off equipment– There are Lysol wipes all over the gym to do this! During a WOD we sweat, tear, sneeze, roll around, and sometimes bleed. It’s okay because we are working hard but let’s keep it clean!

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