Where are you now and how long have you been there?  Just like working out there is a proper progression for changing and developing new nutritional habits.

Step 1 – Make good choices.

This is our lowest hanging fruit.  The smallest change that can make to see the biggest difference so …

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28-Day Challenge

28-Day Challenge “Summer Ready Plan”

Cost $39 for members // $59 for non-members
Must register by Saturday, May 13th, 2017
Challenge begins Monday, May 15th, 2017

  • 60-minute nutritional seminar with: goal setting, nutrition fundamentals, food logging, 4 weeks of meal plans, grocery list
  • Before and after pictures, measurements, body fat percentage, access …
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What’s in it for me?
Why eat nutritious foods, and live a healthy lifestyle? Have you ever taken a minute to reflect on your motivation for living a healthy lifestyle?

As I see it, most everyone fits into one (or more) of these three categories:

1. Reach specific goals
2. Manage disease and …

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I exercise regularly and eat “healthy”, does caloric intake actually matter?


By Nicki Hubers-Hall, MS, CNS, LDN

If your goal is weight loss or maintenance the answer is a resounding YES!!

In order to lose weight we have to eat in a deficit of 3,500 calories, and in order for you to …

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Healthy Fats 2

Healthy Fats……

In my last post I mentioned a little about the fats that you typically consume in commercially prepared food, this can either be packaged processed food and/or foods prepared in restaurants. The main fat that you are consuming often is soybean or processed vegetable oils, which are un-natural …

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“Healthy” fats and why they are an important part of a healthy diet?

There has been a long standing misconception that FAT makes you fat. This is a MYTH. Healthy dietary fats such as olive oil, avocado and avocado oil, nuts/seeds, full fat dairy, and fat from grass-fed animals and …

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Due to our busy and demanding lifestyles we all find ourselves eating out several times per week or even several times per day. Most people have a tendency to throw their healthy eating protocol out the window, because who wants to eat a “boring” healthy meal. Well I am …

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To SNACK or not to SNACK, that is the question…..

Should snacks be a part of a healthy balanced diet??

Absolutely, the right type of snacks play a vital role in balancing blood sugar, regulating metabolism and providing the body with sustained energy …

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