What’s the single thing you can do to make your staff happier and healthier, miss fewer days, and work better together?

Group Exercise.

Wreck Room CrossFit can bring movement to your workplace, or bring your staff to ours! Our workouts are novel, fun, and challenging: the perfect environment for team building.

We introduced CrossFit here at Glendale Elementary last year, and “it has really given us much more energy, accountability and camaraderie.” – Glendale Staff

Wreck Room CrossFit has been building teams in Glen Burnie, MD since April, 2015. Our fun team has led group workouts at other businesses, and hosted others at our facility.

A – Onsite Health and Wellness seminar – free.

We’re committed to making your staff healthier. This 30-minute seminar will teach your staff what REALLY works for weight loss, strength training, beating fatigue and ditching postural pain. A Q+A period will follow.

B – Onsite Nutrition and Exercise Challenge – $30 per person.

Unifying your team in pursuit of a common goal is our specialty. This package includes a free seminar to introduce our eating strategy, free daily nutrition and workout tracking, and our exercise Tip Sheet.

C – Private Group Training at Wreck Room or your facility –

$1099 (up to 12 people for 8 weeks!)

$749 (up to 8 people for 8 weeks!)

$399 (up to 4 people for 8 weeks!)

Don’t commit right away. Try the Onsite Seminar first; if your staff likes the message, choose B or C from there!

Call 443-422-2779 or email us at butch@wreckroomcrossfit.com to book a free seminar! www.wreckroomcrossfit.com


The real magic is in guided challenges: obstacle courses, calisthenics, beginner-level fitness challenges, and nutritional support. Once each week, your group attends a private class at Wreck Room or your facility; receives a nutrition guide, and weekly exercise ‘homework’ challenges; and interacts with their coach through a private message board.


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