Monday 6-19-2017


Normal Stance Box Front Squat.  Build to a heavy 1-rep.

Notes: In 8-10 sets build to a heavy 1-rep.  This is not a 1-rep max and we should not be failing on any reps. Take 22 minutes to complete.

Beginners: 5 x 5 increasing.


“Eddie Murphy”

400 Meter Run

50 Thrusters

400 Meter Run

–For Time–

Fitness – 45/35

Rx – 75/55

Rx+ – 95/65

Notes: Make sure you don’t come out too fast on the first 400 meter run.  Thrusters should be done in sets of 10 at a minimum.  Aim to do the first 20-25 unbroken.  It is meant to be light.  The last 400 meter run is an all out sprint.  Cut off is 10:00.  Scale the run if you need to.